QuickMedia® FlipTop Computer Center

As the perfect front end for Crestron's MediaManager family of low-cost AV distribution products, the ingenious QuickMedia® FlipTop line provides a range of elegant, integrated multimedia interface and control solutions in a stylish flush-mount tabletop design.

FlipTop Housing

Handsomely finished in either black anodized or brushed aluminum, the QM-FTCC mounts flush in any tabletop surface for a clean, professional appearance. The sleek design of the "FlipTop" lid features an integrated keypad to provide programmable pushbutton control at every interface location. Wiring for the QM-FTCC is extremely simple requiring just a single CresCAT™QM cable (sold separately).

Computer Interface

Inputs are provided for one RGB/component signal with corresponding stereo audio to accept a connection from a computer or other high-resolution source. For complete connectivity, the QM-FTCC also includes an RJ45 LAN pass-thru connector and AC power receptacle.

Integrated Keypad

The customizable keypad provides 10 to 20 programmable pushbuttons for control of AV, lighting, and other functions. All button caps are engravable and include LED feedback indicators. Two LED bargraphs are also provided to display level settings and other parameters. To prevent accidental button presses, the keypad is automatically disabled whenever the lid is not

fully opened.

Gated Mic Preamp

Two gated microphone inputs are included via terminal block connectors located below the table surface. Both dynamic and condenser type microphones are supported with software switchable 48V phantom power available at both microphone inputs. Balanced or unbalanced line-level sources such as wireless microphones can also be accommodated. Input gain and gating controls for each microphone/line input are fully adjustable at setup, and can also be controlled in real-time from a keypad or touchpanel.

QuickMedia® Transport

Using Crestron's revolutionary QuickMedia transport, all input signals are transmitted from the QM-FTCC to any QuickMedia Receiver or Distribution Center over a single inexpensive CAT5e type cable*. Computer resolutions up to 1920 X 1200 pixels at 60Hz are supported over cable runs up to 450 feet. Audio signals are transmitted digitally with high-performance 24-bit resolution. QuickMedia dramatically simplifies system design and installation, affording a higher level of performance at a lower overall cost.

MediaManager System Integration

Whether using just one FlipTop Box or several, complete system operation can be made transparent to the end-user with all signal routing occurring smoothly under the command of the MediaManager control system. Built-in video sensing can be utilized to trigger automatic input selection and power control. Complete MediaManager systems are easy to design, program and adjust from start to finish using Crestron SystemBuilder™ software.


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